Billy Jeans Vol.2

In today’s spotlight I am looking at my favourite pair of jeans for the season. Cropped Wide Leg Jeans are a great way to give any outfit an edgier look. Being the polar opposite of the Skinny Jeans, they remind of early 90s every day looks. As my pair of jeans is high waisted, I usually tuck in my tops to give the outfit more shape. I prefer to wear my Cropped Jeans with High Top Shoes. Vans or Converse give a casual finish. If you’re looking for something more sophisticated boots do the trick as well. _mg_6013

Mr. (Logo) T

Sometimes you just don’t feel like dressing up. The slightest point of effort you put into your outfit just makes you uncomfortable and meh. At the same time, you also don’t wanna go out in full tracksuit, though.

screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-12-19-52Well, a good way to get over that is to swap a plain t-shirt or jumper with a Logo T. Grab you black Adidas Hoodie or your Calvin Klein T and pair it up with a simple pair of jeans and you got yourself a presentable every day look!

Jumpers with brand names are usually much more expensive than just the plain version and so you can end up paying £50 for a jumper instead of £15, which is a bit annoying. So make sure to hit the stores during sale season to get yourself a good deal! The CK t-shirt in this picture was €10 and I got it in Italy during the summer sale.

Merry Christmas everyone :)!


Billy Jeans

Ascreen-shot-2016-12-09-at-22-09-34fter wearing slim jeans for a majority of my life, I have been trying out different things during the last few years. I have written about smart trousers and boiler suits lately, but not a lot about jeans.

Browsing through the women’s section in Topshop the other day with my friend, I was lucky enough to stumble across this pair. I am pretty sure I have been wearing them every day since buying them.

They are the best fitting jeans I have bought in a while (keeping in mind, I found them in womenswear). The two different colours of denim make for an amazing look and open up new opportunities for double denim 😉

For anyone seeking to buy them, they are called Step Hem Jeans by Topshop Boutique and go for £60. In TOPMAN jeans I am usually a W32L32. A size 12 fits me perfectly 🙂



In my post from about a week ago, I said that my favourite winter jacket is the Parka jacket. And even though that is still pretty much the case, I have to admit that there is one winter jacket in my wardrobe that is quite special to me.

I am talking about my navy blue faux fur Harrington jacket. Besides feeling like a pimp when wearing it, it is super comfortable, keeps me warm and looks somewhat fashionable.

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-19-19-42I know fur jackets are still quite sparsely found in menswear in high street fashion retail. For some reason, we all have preconceptions that some pieces of clothing or fabrics are solely targeted at either women or men. And so, when I am wearing my fur jacket I am pretty much guaranteed to have all eyes on me when I walk down the high street. A man in a fur jacket is still something quite unusual.

The fur jacket I am wearing today is actually fromlast year and was bought in Topman. I remember it selling out within one week.

I usually like to keep my outfit quite casual because the jacket is already such a statement in itself. Today I wore cropped grey wool blend trousers, a white boxy t-shirt, a blue  flannel around my waist and my Adidas Superstar. Very casual and comfortable 🙂

Susan Boiler Suit

Apart from people that work in car garages or as plumbers, we don’t really see a lot of Boiler Suits in our everyday life! In terms of high-street retailers I can only speak for Topshop/Topman, but maybe once or twice a year we have them as part of our assortment and they usually don’t do that well.

15034664_920535234744069_4563224618231398400_nI assume that women usually avoid them because they take away any sort of figure. In menswear, it is quite easy to look like you are dressing up as someone from Top Gun when you put on that khaki boiler suit.

And so it is important to know how to style it in order to avoid looking like you could fix someone’s car when you are definitely not capable of doing that.
In this first picture, I am only half-wearing the boiler by taking the arms and wrapping them around my waist. I have tucked in my grey jumper and combined it with my favourite sand coloured Harrington jacket. With my black Timberlands, the look comes nicely together.

screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-16-02-45In the second picture, I have buttoned up the boiler pretty much to the top and this time layered the grey jumper on top. This look is a bit more casual and more appropriate for winter. Once you get inside you can easily take the jumper off, to avoid a high amount of perspiration that no one wants, and also show off you new boiler suit. It was quite cold today, so I grabbed my leather jacket to complete this outfit.

The Boiler Suit I am wearing is from Topman and comes in two colours (black and khaki).

Double Denim Lovato.

I think everyone owns a least a few pair of jeans. Before I started wearing trousers, jeans were literally all I owned. I suppose they are timeless and easy to wash, so they are a safe investment of money.

A way to switch up your jeans game a bit is but doubling up on the denim. Double Denim. Dam dam dam. People usually try and stay away from double denim but it is actually quite a cool way to mix up your wardrobe.

screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-17-35-46In my opinion, double denim in menswear looks best when pairing up a dark denim and a light denim. On today’s picture, I am wearing dark blue slim leg jeans and a light wash denim jacket. Having something plain underneath  such as a grey jumper or a white t-shirt is a good way of not overdoing the look. I think printed t-shirts or brand items (Levis, Calvin Klein, Adidas) would look quite cool with this look, as well.

Sarah Jessica Parka.

Getting the right winter jacket is actually harder than you might expect. If you think of it, you will get a jacket that you can hopefully wear for more than one year. Most winter jackets I own, I have probably been wearing for a few years now.

Probably my favourite style is the Parka Jacket. Padded and longer than Bomber or Harrington Jacket, it will most likely keep you warm and
protected from the cold winter winds. Paired up with jeans and a jersey jumper or knitwear it makes for quite a casual look. Worn with a suit, the Parka is a nice option to any overcoats that might seem a bit too formal and constricting.

screen-shot-2016-11-24-at-18-46-30The blue Parka I am wearing today is probably five years old and it’s from Jack&Jones. I decided to wear it with light denim and a colour block jumper to keep it casual for a long day in uni.

Hope everyone’s having a great day!

Gianluca x


Hannah Bandana.

Ever looked into the mirror thinking that something is missing? Except for money, a husband, a wife or a pet lion, maybe you were also second guessing your outfit choice. Well, worry no more because I have the solution.

A bandana is a great way of turning a boring outfit into something more exciting that has people turning their heads when you walk past thinking: Damn, he looks fashionable! And who wouldn’t want that?


@gnlcsch on Instagram

Paired up with a leather  biker jacket and a matching hat, I am wearing a grey bandana to finish the overall look. While tieing the bandana around my neck is probably the more ‘sophisticated’ way of wearing it, you could also use it as a hairband and look like the true rock star you have always aspired to be.


The leather jacket is from TOPMAN, the hat and matching bandana were purchased in Camden Market.

Have a good day, everyone!


Statement prints.

Something we 15034818_1290209191043098_3101610486777511936_n.jpgsee a lot of in High Street fashion retail at the moment is animal print. Even though they are mostly prominent in the women’s section, it seems like leopard, zebra and tiger prints are slowly creeping their way over to the men’s.

They are quite the statement so it is easy to shy away from them, but when styled the right way, it is quite simple to implement them in your everyday wardrobe!

The leopard fur jacket I am wearing is part of TOPMANs collaboration with AAA. It is reasonably priced and fits very nicely. I have decided to add a black bandana around my neck and a black hat to complete the look.

Have a great day everyone.

Gianluca x





Layers upon Layers!

As it is slowly getting colder and colder it is quite hard to pick the right outfit in the morning. It is freezing when you get up so you put on that super thick knitted jumper and your thickest winter coat. Once you get onto the trains you realise you got a sauna treatment you didn’t really sign up for.

Layers upon Layers @gnlcsch

A good way to get through this weather period is layering. Grab your favourite piece of knitwear and add a plain jumper to give the look some edge but also keep you warm. Put on a jacket that’s not too thick and you are all set for a day in mid November.

During the day you can easily change your outfit to adjust.

In this picture, I am wearing a black turtleneck from Zara, a plain grey T-shirt from H&M and a light wash denim jacket from Topman! Easy and effective. Grab accessories like bracelets or necklaces to finish the outfit.